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Minglabar Myanmar!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

“Mingalabar!”, said one of the airport officials at Yangon as she approached to ask us if we needed any help with immigration. She was soft-spoken, with a warm and generous smile, which my family and I soon realised are common characteristics of the Burmese people. With a little friendly help from her and being quickly ushered away by the typical ill-tempered immigration official immediately after, we were finally free to pick up our luggage and experience Burmese hospitality. We are a family of four - parents, sister and I. Our holiday was a simple one of spending a night in Yangon and then flying off to Thandwe to soak in the warm waters of the westernmost seaport of Myanmar.

Getting to Thandwe was easy. A one-hour flight in a twin engine aircraft and one of the bluest water surrounding a pristine coastline called Ngapali Beach, all visible from 20,000 feet. Once you land, all resorts are located minutes away from the tiny Thandwe airport. Viaje Travels had us booked in a beachside resort with some stunning views of the sun and the sea.

All of Ngapali beach is meant to cater to the beach bum in you. Almost all hotels seem to have beach facing infinity pools, so you can sip on a refreshing glass of Myanmar beer while working on your tan. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, like we did, add a boat ride to Pearl Island to your itinerary. It’s a pleasant ride and they throw in snorkelling gear for free to allow you to discover the world that lies beneath the ocean’s surface.

In the end, as a family, we wanted to simply relax by the beach and reconnect with nature, away from the noise of modern life. The simplicity of the Burmese people, their warmth and the great food that we ate in every meal, more than completed our holiday.

A special thanks to Viaje Travels for this amazing holiday. Leaving you with some pictures to highlight the trip that was. Invest in these experiences and visit Ngapali Beach. You won’t be disappointed!

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