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Top 5 travel destinations post lockdown

When it comes to visiting the world's top tourist destinations, we've grown accustomed to bumping elbows with fellow travellers and fighting for the best photo-taking spots. But due to the spread of the coronavirus and subsequent government lockdowns, most major cities and landmarks have become completely deserted, giving the world a post-apocalyptic appearance that equals part eerie and strangely refreshing. Car-free highways in USA, The Taj Mahal devoid of people, religious places and stadiums with empty seats: It's hard to imagine, so we've rounded up on some of the places around the world which has the not been affected much by the global pandemic and one can include it in their bucket list to travel, once the lockdown is over.

1. Rwanda - This teeny East African nation is best known for one big activity: tracking mountain gorillas through its steamy bamboo forests. But there’s so much more to explore in plucky Rwanda, which has risen above past tragedies to become one of the continent’s most friendly and forward-thinking travel destinations. Rwanda has become the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to order a total shutdown because of the coronavirus. The tiny central African country has confirmed 273 cases of the COVID-19 virus with 0 deaths, making it a safer tourist destination to visit.

2. Andaman Islands, India - Where do you go for a castaway-in-paradise fix with all the good looks and deluxe touches of the Maldives, but none of the other guests? A savvy few have been whispering about the Andaman Islands– a far-flung archipelago of white-sand beaches and tangled mangroves in the Indian Ocean, 150km off Indonesia. But, at last, the luxury hotels have caught up. After 33 confirmed non tribal coronavirus cases reported in the island region, the government is taking every measure to protect the tribal people from contracting the virus. So far 0 deaths have occurred making it a probable summer destination post the lockdown.

3. Kiribati - It is a patchwork of islets in the Pacific. A nation of islands and atolls in the central Pacific — is facing annihilation. The rising ocean has broken through freshwater ponds on some islands, threatening numerous communities. Some villages are already gone. Before the tiny island nation wipes off from the face of the planet, it would be a good idea to visit it once in your lifetime. On the coronavirus global pandemic front, the nation so far has 0 confirmed cases, making it one of the safest places to visit post the lockdown.

4. Lesotho - Beautiful, culturally rich, affordable and easily accessible from Durban and Johannesburg, mountainous Lesotho (le-soo-too) is a vastly underrated travel destination. The contrast with South Africa could not be more striking, with the Basotho people's distinct personality and the extreme topographical terrains. Even a few days in Lesotho’s hospitable mountain lodges and trading posts will give you a fresh perspective on Southern Africa. Lesotho currently has no official coronavirus case.

5. Palau - The Republic of Palau is scenically magical and is a natural wonder. For such a tiny area of land, it packs a big punch. It's hard not to be overwhelmed by its extraordinary array of natural wonders: this is an archipelago of about 200 largely pristine limestone and volcanic islands, blanketed in emerald forest, surrounded by a shimmering turquoise lagoon. Unsurprisingly, diving is the number-one activity here, with truly world-class dive sites. Divers swear by Palau's exciting seascape, fascinating wrecks and stunningly diverse marine life – it's not dubbed 'the underwater Serengeti' for nothing.

Excited much? Well, you'd have to wait for the lockdown to be over. So until then, take cues from our blog and start packing for your next adventure!

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