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Road tripping in USA

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

What do Thelma and Louise, Rainman and Britney Spears’s Crossroads all have in common? They’ve taught us that doing a road trip in the USA is just about one of the coolest things you can ever do, and that with a car, some good tunes and a few friends you’ll have one of the most important adventures of your life.

But, in a country so big, there are many, many routes you could take. All will take you to amazing places and give you a chance to experience America at its best, on the open road and away from the cities..

America's Interstates, freeways, turnpikes and parkways have been the motor behind a multiplicity of myths and legends, stories and personal odysseys. They have changed lives, inspired films and songs, and turned holidays into spirit-enhancing, mind-expanding travel experiences.

One of the most beautiful road trips one can take is from Boston, all the way to Key West, Florida. One can stop by States like New York, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Georgia and finally Florida , The months of April to June is the best time to opt for this road trip.

At Viaje Tours and Travels we can help plan your dream road trip. Drop us a mail or give us a call today! We are just one click away!

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