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Stay Creative During A Lockdown

A sign urging people to stay at home

The governments across the globe has imposed strict lockdown measures to protect the public from the coronavirus pandemic. People have been ordered to stay in their homes unless they're buying food, exercising, helping a vulnerable person, or (in some cases) going to work. In millions of homes across the globe this very minute, parents, dog owners and people living away from their close ones are struggling like never before to keep their kids and pets occupied and to stay in touch with their families whilst worrying about their jobs and coping with depression due to the lack of outdoor activities and 'Social Distancing".

Luckily there are plenty of things to do for entertainment and relieve yourself of the stress while you're stuck inside. We have listed a few of the things one can do during these trying times.

1. Learn a language

There are plenty of apps that help you learn a language for free. Download one, and spend 30 minutes a day teaching yourself how to speak French, Spanish, German, Japanese - or whatever language takes your fancy.

Ways to greet in different countries and cultures

2. Couch to Workout

Keep active by downloading a home workout app. Learn Zumba, practice Yoga or even spot jog. Just make sure that you stay active and maintain a two metre distance from other people if you're out running.

A Woman doing Yoga Indoors

3. Start a virtual book club

You might not be able to meet up in person, but you could organise a virtual book club with your friends and family. Whether you all read the same book or just share recommendations, having a regular video call will help you feel connected. 

A library filled with books

4. Donate to your local state or central relief funds

Charity begins at home. Make sure you donate and help each other and the community in these difficult days. There are lots of organisations who are also actively getting involved in helping people and animals alike.

People from different caste, creed and religion joining hands to fight the pandemic

5. Dig out an old favourite

Watch a film that you used to love, binge an old TV series from the first episode, or get stuck into a game that you haven't played since you were a teenager. Now's the time to take a trip down memory lane. It's a great way for families to spend quality time with each other.

A couple enjoying a show on Netflix

6. Take a free online course

Ivy League colleges in the USA and other universities across the globe are offering free courses online. You can take anything from Buddhism and Modern Psychology, to The Global Financial Crisis, to one that's just called 'Success'.

Browsing through online courses to enhance ones knowledge

7. Clean out your wardrobe

Try on all your clothes, and bag up any that you don't want, or that don't fit.

You can't take them to a charity shop at the moment, but once lockdown is lifted it can be your first job.

A Woman sorting out her wardrobe and getting rid of the junk

8. Phone a friend

Phone an elderly neighbour who might be feeling lonely, a relative who you haven't spoken to in a while, or even just a friend who you ordinarily would only see in the pub.

Many people will be feeling isolated during this period of social-distancing, and keeping in touch is important for our mental health.