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Useful Articles for Traveling

Viaje takes pride in helping our clients with all of their travel booking needs. We understand that traveling to a place for the first time can be a bit unsettling. That’s why we not only provide exclusive offers and vouchers, but also resources and tips so you can stay safe and travel smart. Our free resources for travellers include news, weather updates, and more. 


Wherever a traveler is, it is important to pack smart and wisely. There should always be enough room in the luggage compartments for the exciting and lovely souvenier's to be carried at the end of the trip. We have compiled a list of must have's to carry on your next trip: 

1. Making a pack list

2. Box of essential medicines

3. Ziplock bags

4. Cube your clothes

5. Roll and vaccum pack

6. Lightweight suitcase

7. A hang baggage with essential items in case of loss/delay of checked in baggages


A honeymoon destination is more than just your ordinary travel. It is a new phase in a couple's life as Man and Woman. It involves narrowing down on a place which suits personality traits of both the person involved. There are lots of off beat destination options suited according to the budget and time frame. There are places to cater to all kinds of people's tastes. Be it lazing around in the beach in Fiji, a trek in the mountains of Peru or even a safari in the jungles of Tanzania. Whatever your requirements and choices are, Viaje is there help you customise the best travel packages for your Honeymoon!


Theres's lots to see in the land of Santa Claus. Although it's freezing cold, the sights at these Scandinivian countries is worth it all. Here's a small glimpse of some of the many things that can be done:

1. Christmas at Tivoli in Copenhagen

In the heart of Copenhagen, the Christmas market at Tivoli Garden’s prepares for yet another year of Christmas magic. In the pixies own market town, Pixie Ville, this year’s new cableway ride will take you above a snowy landscape where you will see all the pixies and elves preparing for Christmas in Denmark’s largest collection of mechanical pixies.

2. Alta - the Town of Northern Lights

The town of Alta in northern Norway got its name, The Town of Northern Lights, when the world’s first Northern Lights observatory was built here at the end of the 19th century. Alta is the largest town in the Finnmark region and also has the world’s most northerly located igloo hotel, The Alta Igloo Hotel.

3. Scandinavia's best off-piste skiing

Riksgränsen in Swedish Lapland is the world’s northernmost ski resort. The amazing nature of the area, loads of snow and varied skiing at all levels makes it a natural choice for many skiers and snowboarders every year. Although they offer a variety of prepared slopes as well as heli-skiing, off-piste skiing is Riksgränsen’s speciality.


Voted Sweden’s no 1 destination in October this year by a number of European tour operators, the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland, continues its success story. The ice is a loan from the mighty Torne River and every year designers, architects and locals joins forces to build the magnificent creation which come spring, melts and vanishes into the river again. A number of packages are available at the ICEHOTEL; let a team of hard working huskies pull you on a sled through the white landscape or drive your own snow mobile. Have a go at the fine art of ice-sculpting or learn how to prepare arctic delicacies in a cooking class.

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