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Is Transylvania for REAL?

YES, there exists Transylvania! Some people assume Transylvania is an invention of Bram Stoker, ripened by bloodthirsty Hollywood directors. The truth is that it is a part of the Central Romanian Region, in Eastern Europe. Transylvania is the largest region of Romania and probably the best known one. When you visit Transylvania you dive into a mix of cultures, nature and history.

Even today the "land beyond the forest" reposes in relative obscurity, off the Western tourist routes now leading from Vienna to Budapest and Munich to Prague. Still largely medieval in façade, Transylvania is perfect terrain for those desirous of journeying into a fantastically well-preserved twilight zone of European history.

Apart from its reputation of being the land of the blood thirsty Draculas and Vampires, Transylvania has a lot of other perks to offer. It has the world's most amazing roads, best for bear spotting, great food, you can wallow in thermal springs and incredible castles, to name a few.

At Viaje Tours and Travels, we can help arrange for a trip of a lifetime to the beautiful terrains of Romania! Happy Halloween and Happy Travelling!

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